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Food Service & Supply

CQS – Continental Quattro Stagioni
CWF - Continental Wine & Food Ltd
CWF is a specialist importer, agent, producer, bottler and distributor of wines and alcoholic beverages with a strong reputation for quality, innovation & service.
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Vivaldi Cash & Carry
Vivaldi Cash & Carry
Vivaldi is a specialist cash & carry operation that offers a broad selection of quality food products, wines and alcoholic drinks sourced by CQS. It has sites in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle Upon Tyne.
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Hotels & Leisure

Briar Court Hotel
Briar Court Hotel
Situated just off junction 24 of the M62, Briar Court offers friendly service and excellent facilities. It is ideally located for those wishing to explore the sights and attractions of West Yorkshire and Lancashire. Da Sandro’s Pizzeria Restaurant is just next door.
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Waterfront Lodge
Waterfront Lodge
Located in Brighouse just a stone’s throw away from Leeds, Halifax and Bradford, Waterfront Lodge offers comfortable, modern facilities for business travellers and tourists alike. Prego Restaurant is on the ground floor, so you’re never far away from a delicious, authentic Italian meal.
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Prego Restaurant
Prego Restaurant
Overlooking the Calder & Hebble Canal in Brighouse, Prego is a popular, vibrant and modern restaurant. Prego is open for breakfast and offers the best in Italian cuisine at lunchtimes and in the evening.
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Da Sandro Pizzeria Restaurant
Da Sandro Pizzeria Restaurant
If you appreciate excellent food, friendly surroundings and fantastic service then Da Sandro’s will be your kind of restaurant. Located just next door to the Briar Court Hotel, Da Sandro Pizzeria Restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisine.
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Ciao Italia
The Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association

Wine & Spirit Trade Association -
Food Standards Agency (Wines Standards Branch) -
DEFRA (Department for Environmental & Rural Affairs) -
Drinkaware Trust -
Portman Group -
Alcohol Concern -

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Pasta & Rice
Dry Pasta
Fresh Pasta
Frozen Pasta
Other Pasta Products
Bulk Rice

Oils & Vinegars
Olive Oils
Infused Oils
Other Oils
Balsamic Vinegars
Other Vinegars
Tomato Products
Tomato Products

Olives, Italian Vegetables
Vegetables - Ambient
Vegetables - Chilled
Vegetables - Frozen
Italian Pulses & Lentils

Fish & Seafood
Fish & Seafood - Ambient
Seafood - Chilled
Seafood - Frozen
Traditional Italian Cheese
Continental Cheeses
Dairy Products

Cured Meats
Prosciutto Crudo
Pancetta & Cotto
Other Speciality Meats
Pre Sliced Italian Meats
Sauces & Seasonings
Sauces & Dressings
Salts, Herbs & Spices
Cooking Wines

Mexican Specialities
Mexican Specialities
Pizza & Takeaway
Flour & Yeast
Pizza Crusts & Doughballs
Tomato Products
Frozen Fast Food Frozen Bakery
Fast Food Disposables

Flour & Yeast
Frozen Bakery
Dry Bread Product
Cakes & Biscuits
Desserts & Coffee Service
Single Serve Desserts
Ice Cream
American Style Desserts
Premium Coffee

Sundries & Tableware
Sundries & Tableware
Mineral Waters & Soft Beverages
San Pellegrino
Acqua Panna
Rocchetta Brio Blu
Tonino Lamborghini

Wines by Country
New Zealand
Cooking Wines
Beers, Spirits & Liqueurs
Sparkling Wines & Champagne
Single Serve Wines
Wine Style Drinks
Cooking Wines
Italian Spirits, Liqueurs & Dessert Wines
Shot Style Drinks
Alcoholic Speciality Mixers
Pear Cider & Perries
Fortified & Aperitif Drinks
Speciality Beers


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